In a modern plant covering an area of over 5000 mq, DVK System machines are produced. They are designed and developed to manufacture mechanical parts in several sectors: fittings and valves for domestic and industrial applications, automotive, hydraulic, pneumatic and petrochemical industry.


The three main product lines are the Transfer machines, for production of big lots, Master, work stations with 4° and 5° axis, for small/medium lots, featuring high production flexibility. Depending on the different production requirements, we are able to provide dedicated solutions, multicenter, bar transfer machines, or standard machines with different degrees of customization. We are also specialized in the implementation of robotized equipments for part loading/unloading, being able to provide complete production cells.


The whole production process is always realized in the company: customer samples analysis, design with 3D modeling software, construction of mechanical components, electric design, realization of electric panels, mechanic assembly, electrical wiring, up to the development of the software which controls the entire machine. Being able to monitor each stage of the manufacturing cycle, we can constantly provide technical solutions, high quality of both commercial components and mechanical parts manufactured in house, as well as a high skilled post sale technical service at complete disposal.


With DVK System you don’t simply choose a supplier but a partner who follows the customer in each stage of the life cycle of the machine. A team of electrical and mechanical technicians assist the customer thanks to a high reliable dedicated assistance line for remote monitoring/control. Scheduled maintenance contracts allow to minimize the machine downtime, ensuring maximum reliability.